Seven Hills. Images and Signs of the 21th Century

Sieben Hügel. Bilder und Zeichen des 21. Jahrhunderts

Parallel to the Expo 2000 in Hannover, Germany, The Berliner Festspiele decided to organize another millennium project, the futuristic exhibition “Images and Signs of the 21st Century”, showcasing seven departments looking at topics from the humanities, art, science and technology.

VolumeOne was invited to create and produce an interactive installation (Faith), for the exhibit of the Millennium in the city of Berlin.

For the topic of Faith, we were inspired to make references to the Pantheon – probably the most renowned sphere in architectural history in the city of the seven hills. The pantheon boasts a breathtaking cupola with a diameter of 43.3 m and the highest point 43.3 m above the circular floor.

The fragmented sphere, 43.3 m in diameter, which structures the exhibition for the millennium celebration in Germany’s capitol, Berlin, takes measure of this very space. Through their porous surfaces of the breakages, one has an insight in to the individual fragments of the worlds of FAITH, one of seven individually themed segments of the Millennium Exhibition: Here we encounter topics like “The Seams of Time”, “Under Way, Flights”, “The Oceanic Feeling”, “Incarnate”, and “Holy Places”.

The exhibition was one of seven included in the millennium exhibition, which took place in the renowned museum ‘Martin-Gropius-Bau’, one of Berlin's most magnificent buildings and ranking among one of Europe's top international exhibition and event venues.

‘The exhibition "Sieben Hügel" is the core and intellectual center of all activities of the years 1999 and 2000 under the signum "The New Berlin", which manifests Berlin's departure into a new era as federal capital and European metropolis.’ [Ulrich Eckhardt, in: Sieben Hügel, Katalog Bd. 1 – Kern, Berlin 2000]

Project Type: Exhibition
Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin, Germany
Berliner Festspiele GmbH, Berlin
550 sqm / 5,900 sqft
DM 700,000 / $ 480,000
May 2000
May 14 - October 29, 2000

Lars Gräbner, Christina Hansen, Gerrit Grigoleit

Curation: Gereon Sievernich 
Director of Exhibition: Bodo-Michael Baumunk
Design: Knowledge/Wissen (Edouard Bannwart), Faith/Glauben (Lars Gräbner, Gerrit Grigoleit) , Dream/Träumen (Kazuko Watanabe), Jungle/Dschungel (Tina Kitzing), Civilization/Zivilisation (Lebbeus Woods), Cosmos/Weltraum (Charles Wilp), Nucleus/Kern (Ken Adam)