VOLUMEONE is an international and award-winning practice specialized in architectural and urban design as well as interior design. Lars Gräbner founded VolumeOne in 2011 and leads the practice together with and Christina Hansen since 2013 in Detroit.

At VolumeOne, the design team perceives urban, economic, environmental, and technical parameters as catalysts for new ideas and unconventional concepts while the specific local conditions and the client’s requirements resemble the initial point of departure for each project.

A central concern in the firm’s practice is to fulfill its social responsibilities in the built environment by studying human behaviors and investigating cultural patterns and urban environments. The work of VolumeOne is characterized by continuous research into housing by addressing existing and emerging social patterns as well as environmentally sustainable practices.

VolumeOne maintains an interest in collaborations across cultures and locations. This is reflected in the firm’s diverse project locations in the United States, Germany, China, Italy and Spain. The firm’s collective professional experience encompasses a wide array of building types and scales, including residential, office, hospitality, transportation, institutional, and cultural buildings, exhibition architecture, landscape design as well as medium and large urban design projects, and master planning.

VolumeOne’s organizational structure as open-ended practice allows being a flexible partner in challenging projects. The objective is to strive for efficient processes, which is capable of partnering with local associates for the highest quality and best services possible.

VolumeOne has been awarded several first prizes in national and international competitions for cultural, residential, infrastructural, and educational buildings, as well as master planning and urban design.

VolumeOne is a certified Women-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE), a Detroit Based Business (DBB), a Detroit Small Business (DSB) and a Detroit Resident Business (DRB).

Lars Gräbner
Christina Hansen

Past and Present Team Members
Kelly Raczkowski, James Christopher Bevilacqua, Yoonho Lee, Kurt Uihlein Schleicher, Tarlton Long, Virginia Black, Shaoxuan Dong, Yukun Xu, Xiaoqi Wang, Alexander Clay Montgomery, George Cowan Carter III, Amer Sahoury, Steven Anliot, Courtney Duffey, Lyla Feinsod , Erica Wannemacher , Fei Zhao, Mike Y. Kim, Zeeshan Vira, Jinwei Shi, Matthew Ingram Biglin, Yinan Bu, Wendy, Wei Qi Zhang, Sam Zhencheng Cui, Carlos Cristhian Pompeo, Xiaomeng Li, Christopher Persiville Locke, Jaime Rivera, Manzi Yang, Echo, Xi Liao, Xinying Li, Jeff Maniaci, Manasvi Bachhav, José Arturo Joglar-Cadilla, Vandhana Balachandran, Ignacio Moreno-Elst, Liz Burroughs, Chris Pine, Benjamin Ward, Jingya Annabelle Guan, Jesica Yu, Tyler Gaeth, Jane Wenjing Cen, Olaf Sunleaf, Tessa Broek