Fengyang County Sports Park

Located along the greenbelt of the Yushui river, the site and its landscape functions offers the opportunity to be an important connector between the greenway of the Zhuque River and the Phoenix Mountain in the north.

It is the goal to take advantage of the landscape quality of the greenbelt and to extent these qualities into the site of the sports park. The different qualities of the urban context, from greenbelt to residential neighborhoods ask for a careful transition and mediation. The goal is to take advantage of these differentiated conditions and enhance access for the residents to the landscape, while creating a permeable urban edge at the South-West corner of the site.

While the Fengyang Sports Park will functionally adhere to the standards and requirements of large sports events, it is the design objective to provide a Sports Park, which is flexible and will allow the organization of many larger and smaller events beyond the Peasant Games. At the same time the design emphasizes on the integration of the landscape features of the adjacent greenbelt to create an attractive destination for leisure and fitness in the future.

It is the goal to create a culturally important and iconic project for Fengyang. Importance will be placed on the accessibility of the public amenities of the entire Sports Park as well as the separation of the athlete’s and visitors circulation paths.

In addition to the sports amenities the park will offer commercial and retail facilities such as shops, teahouses and restaurants. The project will focus on the implementation of sustainable building and site systems.

The newly planned residential development around the site will greatly benefit form the Sports Park.

Building Type: Sports
Fengyang, Anhui Province, China
Sports Administration of Fengyang
Service: Urban Design, Architectural Design
Site Area:
16.3 ha / 40.3 acres
Floor Area:
92,695 sqm / 997,761 sqft
April 2013, Third Prize

Lars Gräbner, Christina Hansen, Yukun Xu, Kelly Raczkowski, James Bevilacqua, Jinwei Shi

Local Design Institute:
HFUTADI / Studio 2