Anhui Acrobatic Center

The Anhui Acrobatic Performance Center is an important cultural institution in the Anhui Province. Located south of the city, near an important artery, the acrobatic center may function as a gateway beacon from the south. For the entire city, however, it will resemble an attractive destination for the citizens of Hefei.

By approaching the acrobatic center, one will be drawn by the iconic, cantilevered “Performing Beacon”, the transparent and majestic part of the building, which projects out from the theater building, framing and defining a public plaza. The “Performing Beacon” advertises and displays the energetic nature of the acrobatic artists and performers. It’s dynamic structure and dramatic suspension, reaching out over the public plaza, creates an immediate dialogue between the spectators, visitors and the performing arts. The performing acrobats, through the projection into the public realm, become part of the city’s vibrant dynamic, thus inspiring by their activities.

Once the visitor has arrived on the spacious plaza in front of the theater, the entrance reveals itself as a “Raised Veil”, allowing entry to the spectacular lobby. Various stairs and freestanding elevators lead the visitors to the upper balcony floors to enter the theater space itself.

Building Type: Theater, Educational, Residential
Hefei, Anhui Province, China
Anhui Province Acrobats Group
Service: Architectural Design
Site Area:
2.2 ha / 5.3 acres
Floor Area:
39,019 sqm / 419,997 sqft
March 2011, First Prize

Lars Gräbner, Christina Hansen, Yukun Xu
HFUTADI / Studio 2, Xiaojie Qi, Yadong Zhou, Yi Yang