VolumeOne Logo

The challenge was to create a graphic design that reflects the architecture of the firm.

The logo was to reflect a volume composed of multiple entities, like a team of individual collaborators. As the philosophy of the firm, the logo should reflect a maximum of expression with one form giving strategy and with the least number of components. In the ideal scenario, no additional components must be added to find the balance of expression, communication, and style.

The result is the subtraction of the letter ‘V’ and the number ‘1’ from one simple red rectangle. The rectangle shape stands for the basic architectural and innocent form without any particular expression or opinion; however the selection of color is an homage to Le Corbusier’s 1931 collection of colors. We chose Salubra Red No. 32090 for it’s complex reflection of strength, depth and attention.

The subtractive move manipulates the rectangle into two inherently related forms of recognizable, yet abstract and distinct characteristic.

We chose Helvetica as a modern and timeless typeface to conduct this subtractive manipulation. It’s functional, understated, and ubiquitous design stands out from thousands of typefaces and suggests.